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Kntech Door phone
Kntech Door phone
Product model:Kntech KNZD-42

knzd-42 IP
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KNZD-42 Voic e Door Phon e offers a f ull d igit al network and
KOON VoI P solut io n for the s ecu re a cc ess con trol and
monitoring o f a building ent rance . This adv anced Door ph one
supports SIP 2.0 and operators of IM Splatform
guarant eeing e asy c us tomizat io n for telecom operators and
serv ice providers .
Fe at ures :
•SIP V1/V2( RFC 254 3/RFC 326 1)
•On e sp eed d ia l Ke y
•In tegr ate d RFID c ar d re ad er
•In tegr ate d Num er ic Ke yp ad
•Sup por t Po E( 80 2.3 af)
•D TMF Switc h c ontr ol

B enefits:

•Compatibilit y

suppor ts SIP 2.0 and operator s of IMS

platfor m,effective inter connection and inter wor king
wi th the mainstream IPPBX manufacturers
•High-end chip
Equipped wi th the l atest Br oadcom’s chip set
•Carrier st andard voice
Full dupl ex hands- free speaker phone,carr ier
standar d voice
•Flexible of lock approach
passwords , RFID car d and DTMF Swi tch contr ol
•A key t o call
One Speed di al Key

Target Groups:
Business: offices, shopping areas
Education: universities, campuses, school s, sports areas
Healthcare: hospi tals, laboratori es,Pharmaceuti cal factory
Technical Parameters:

•Multiparty calls

Hol di ng/wai ting 3 ways call /confer ence
•Easy inst allation
integration i nto the exi sting LAN
•visitors leave a message
Pr ovi de access to the message and pl ayback
message thr ough the SIP phone
•Simple maint enance
support onl ine softwar e upgrades and web
management way
•Prot ective level
Ip53 ,r esi stivi ty agai nst dust, water, and mechanical

Logistics & Transportation: airports, parking lots or
Industries: factories,product center