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Kntech Bank services phone
Kntech Bank services phone
Product model:Kntech KNZD-22
material:Cold-roll steel sheets

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Setting & operation:
1 The unit can dial emergency numbers such as 110, 120, 119 within 3-5 seconds after picking up the handset.  
2 The unit will dial the presetting number automatically within 3 seconds if no any operation after picking up the handset. The presetting number can be changed freely.

How to set the number:
I. To set the setting password: longly press the * key, press key 1 after hearing DI
tone twice. Then input any three digits number, it finishes setting the setting password successfully if there is three cue tone. (Note: the password is for storing number)
II. To store number: Press the first function key on the upper right of keypad, it enters the setting mode after hearing DI
tone twice. Input the setting password, then input the number you want to store and press the first function key on the lower right of keypad. It finished storing number.
III. To clear out the number: Longly press the first function key on the lower right of keypad, you will hear a series of continuous DI
tone. It finishes clearing out the number.
IV. Auto-answer function: Set the ring frequency first, longly press the “*” key, press key “2” after hearing “DI” tone twice, then press 0-9 keys (0-9 stands for ring frequency). It finished setting the ring frequency.
V. Auto-hang up function: the unit will hang up automatically after detecting busy tones 4 times.

1. Press any key once, hear “DI” tone once. If you don’t hear “DI” tone after press keys, please press again unit you hear.
2. In setting mode, keys have fixed tone that is different from dial tone. If you hear dial tone in setting mode, please hang up and operate again.
3. Please clear out the number you have stored if you want to change the storage number.

Packaging specifications
Machine size:400 *260 *110( mm )     
Carton size:439 *277 *191( mm )
Packaging material: pearl cotton, carton
Gross weight:5.2KG
Net weight:4.5KG

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