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Kntech alarm sunder KNL6
Kntech alarm sunder KNL6
Product model: KNL6
material:industrial standard coated steel body

Kntech alarm sounder KNL6
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Kntech  alarm sunder KNL6,the main feature is the power supply of phone line,no need additional 220V city power.Most places,especially in construction sites.City power may cause leakage accident and add cost.You have to design swatches and sockets.It’s inconvenient.

Application:steel mills, the tunnel construction, offshore platforms, shipbuilding, petrochemical, mining, smelting, heavy machinery, engineering vehicles, port, bridge, gymnasium, Banks, government agencies, post office, telecommunications, hotels, buildings, factories, shopping malls, airports, schools, hospitals, ATM, etc.

Product name: alarm sunder
Mode No:KNL6
Housing:industrial standard coated steel body
Color :Red,Yellow or customized
Protection degree:IP 65
Components:M6*20+M6  4 sets per pcs
Operating position:Wall or ceiling mounting
Temperature range:Operation-20 to +70°„C       Storage-40 to +85°„C
Weight:3 kg
Power supply:Twisted pair cable or phone lines
Volume:Approx. 120 dB(A) at over 1m distance
Beacon:Beacon flashing when telephone ringing
Call voltage:AC24-100V 25-50HZ